Ever Wonder What Your Baby Would Say?

Wrapped tight in your arms is your little bundle of sunshine. Your baby. Have you ever wondered what your baby would say if he or she could talk? What would your baby say as he or she drank warm milk? What would your baby say as you dressed him or her? What would your baby say as you surround him or her with softness?

Every day more and more parents are making the decision to surround their babies with the softness of cloth diapers instead of disposable paper diapers. The cloth diaper industry has blossomed in the past decade giving parents more and more cloth diaper options. You can go basic with prefolds, which are basically rectangle-shaped diapers that you fold and fasten on your baby. Prefolds are the most economical choice and allow those with limited budgets to surround their baby with softness. The fluffy prefolds do require a waterproof diaper cover.

Contours are diapers shaped like a disposable, but they require a fastener like diaper pins or a special device called a Snappi. Contours do need a diaper cover. Many parents chose them for their value as well as their ease of use over prefolds. Fitted diapers are shaped like disposables, but don’t have a waterproof diaper cover. They fasten with snaps or Velcro-like attachments. Diaper covers are necessary for prefolds, contours, and fitted diapers. They provide the required waterproof barrier to prevent your baby’s clothes from getting wet. There is a wide range of diaper cover materials, including wool, fleece, Minky, polyester, nylon, and more!

Sound too complicated? Cloth diapering has evolved and has given parents the ability to wrap their baby in softness with diapers that easy to use. Pocket diapers are a popular choice. Pocket diapers feature a pocket with waterproof material on the outer portion of the pocket and stay dry material on the inner part. You just place an insert or prefold inside the pocket to make the diaper absorbent. Once the pocket is stuffed with an insert or prefold the diaper goes on and off as easy as a disposable. All in one cloth diapers are just that – all in one. It is a one-piece cloth diaper that fastens on your baby with snaps or Velcro-like material.

The options for cloth diapers are immense. Not only do you have different styles but different brands. There are so many ways to wrap your baby up with softness. What would your baby say wrapped up in softness? Perhaps, he or she may whisper “Thanks, Mama” or “Thanks, Daddy.” Maybe that is just what your little one’s first smile is saying.

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