Top 10 Best Baby Exersaucers 2019

What is a Baby Exersaucer?

Keep Baby Busy while you work on that blog or cooking that dinner with a baby Exersaucer! Here is what an Exersauser is, in case this is your first time encountering the word.

“Exersaucer or Baby Exersauser is a device that asist in baby’s brain and physical development in an engaging way. It promotes physical exercise to develop baby’s leg, neck and back muscles and improve gross motor skills.”

Baby Exersaucer is one of the best ways to keep your baby busy and at the same time, develop his brain and muscles. Pretty cool right? That’s three birds in one stone.

Also, these baby exersausers are safe, in fact they are the safe alternative to baby walkers. You may not know that due to many reported cases of babie getting hurt because of the traditional baby walkers, Canada banned baby walkers completely.

Based on our baby exersaucer reviews, we feel these are 10 of the best, if not the 10 best, exersaucers for babies.

Best Baby Exersaucers Review List

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Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer

Give your baby an interactive, underwater world to explore right in your living room. This Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Lights & Sea Activity Gym & Saucer features two baby must-haves, quickly convert from play-mat to activity saucer as baby grows. Amaze your baby with a multi-colored light display, captivate with classical music. The light-up musical arch-piece is fantastic; the sound is fun, without being overly annoying.

It also introduces vocabulary in multiple languages (choose from English, Spanish, or French). The sea turtle’s tummy cradles and connects to your smartphone, magically transforming the baby-safe mirror into a window of enchanting content like Baby Einstein videos.

The activity center features a sea of ocean-themed toys, including a whale popper with beads that spin, a clamshell toy, a spinning crab, and a fish bead spinner. Your baby will love opening and closing the adorable clamshell and squeaking the “pearl,” and pushing down on the stationary-top Whale to make the beads in the interior spin.

Some toy piece is a little bit hard to reach, good thing you can replace it with other toys. With engaging toys surrounding your baby and a 360-degree spinning seat, this baby Exersaucer is always the best seat in the house.

Evenflo Baby Exersaucer Bounce & Learn

It is really bouncy! Babies will love the swivel-spin chair and jumping and bouncing in this saucer. There is a tray where you can put your baby’s toys to keep him busy for an hour.

This baby Exersaucer comes with three removable, interchangeable clip-on toys that could easily be left off or switched off to keep the toy even less stimulating and ever new. It also comes with a toy bar that has three monkeys that can be pushed back and forth, and you can quickly remove them so you can clean it easily. Plus a spinner with beads to make a soft, gentle, non-electronic noise. And lastly a mirror so baby can admire themselves, a lot of baby activities here (even if they don’t realize it’s them).

3-position height adjustment is very useful as you baby grow up or if you have more than 1 babies and everything connects together well and quickly.

Probably the best baby exersaucer you can buy from its price range.

Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Interactive Activity Center

This modern baby Exersaucer captivates baby from head-to-toe, from four months to toddler! Designed in collaboration with a pediatrician, this baby Exersaucer supports a “whole body” approach to playing and learning. You can position the toys anywhere for your baby. The seats rotate 360 degrees, it also turns and stretches. As your baby grows and becomes a toddler, the Exersaucer can easily be converted to a very sturdy table.

The design of this Exersaucer is very clean and modern compared to most baby activity center. The toys are easy to move around for “different” play experience, and, incredibly, it grows with the child.

This activity center is made out of great sturdy material, so moms, if you want to buy your baby this Gold Gym membership to get a true workout, this is a solid buy!

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

This baby Exersaucer has colorful toys that will surely engage your child and keep him busy for a while. There are these lizards and globes that play music and light up. Hanging butterflies that your baby can reach pull and push (I think the butterflies are hanging a little bit too low). The seat spins so that your baby can play with all the toys around him/her. It also makes it easy for your baby to keep an eye on you too.

There are so many toys that your baby might get overwhelmed, so I suggest you remove some of them and introduce them toys once they get bored with the ones they are always playing. This Exersaucer got so many pieces that it will take a while to assemble and connect all the pieces.

You’ll be at ease doing home chores or going to the restroom knowing your baby is safe playing in this saucer. Overall, great product and I would recommend to anyone looking to entertain a child while keeping your hands free to get something else done.

Evenflo Baby ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

Great design, 58 fun learning activities for your baby, you won’t get his/her attention for a while, perfect for when you need your hands free to do something else. Great workout for your baby, there is this bounce base that gives your baby a soft landing cushion that improves stability in early growth.

Durable, My friend has this Exersaucer for a year now for her baby boy. It was handed down by her sister, who bought this Exersaucer second hand from an online store. It seems pretty sturdy; she has thrown it in the back of her truck, forgot it there and been out in the rain for a while, but the sounds and music still play.

The only problem is it’s so huge that it takes a lot of space and you might need to disassemble it first before you fit it through the door.

Bright Starts Springin’ Safari Bounce-a-Bout Activity Center

This baby Exersaucer has so many cute characters and toys to play with and to keep her entertained. The seat rotates 360 degrees for not-stop interaction with all the toys attached. You child can even play with his/her own loose toys because there’s a space for it. This activity center will keep your fussy baby occupied for a long time, enough for you to do those other things that matter.

This Baby Activity center from Bright Starts is pretty easy to put together and very sturdy! The seat can be adjusted to 3 different height settings to ensure comfort as your baby grows.

For its price, it’s an all-around great product, we totally recommend it.

Infantino 2-in-1 Sit, Spin & Stand Entertainer 360 Seat & Baby Exersaucer

This entertainer is loads of fun, from babies to toddlers! The seat spins 360 degrees so your baby can easily play with all the toys around it. Some of the characters and toys light up and have fun sounds that will surely get your baby occupied and excited. You can get your hands free and do your other tasks without worrying.

This Baby Exersaucer has three height settings to grow and adjust from baby to toddler. The baby Exersaucer converts into a stand, and play table for bigger children to use. It’s compact, and it can even be folded flat when not in use.

This activity center is not huge and doesn’t have annoying noise like some other baby Exersaucers! It is well-made, and I am sure it will last till your next baby become a toddler as well!

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

Babies and toddlers will surely love this great toy. Just like most of the Baby Exersaucer in this review, the baby seat spins around, which means, if your baby gets bored of one side, they can turn to the other with a different set of toys to play with. Your baby will surely get a lot out of this activity center because there so much stuff with it that is interactive.

Lots of exciting sounds and music, baby can bounce off the mat, play with the detachable books, look at themselves in the baby-safe mirror. They can even move side to side with their feet, which is a great help for the development of their motor skills.

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step and Play Piano worth the price for all it does. This Baby activity center will grow with your baby and will be one of your child’s favorite.

COLOR TREE Baby Multi Rocking Chair Baby’s View 3-Stage Baby Exersaucer

This Baby Exersaucer got three growth stages, from sitting up – touching games, crawling – stroll game, to the table – standing game. This activity center supports a ‘whole body’ approach to play and learning. What’s unique about this baby Exersaucer is that there’s a piano that they can play with their feet. There’s a perspective window that allows baby to see their feet while hitting the piano keys, that plays different music.

Great baby Exersaucer if you want something compact and stationary, and the adjustable ledge enables it to be used for younger babies (4+ months). Easy to put together, and the seat swivels, and it easily adjusts as your baby grows. It’s one of the winners in the baby Exersaucer category.

3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center

Your baby will surely love the range of motion that she/he gets from the swiveling and rotating chair. This activity center is the perfect alternative to a traditional walker. It has a sturdy and stable base that doesn’t move when your baby is walking or running around. You do not have to worry about your baby bumping and crashing into things or move him around when he gets stuck like they would in a traditional walker.

There’s a lot of diversity in the activities on the table, so when he loses interest in one side, he moves right along to another. Each one of these toys will help develop your child’s motor skills.

Toys are engaging and entertaining, and if that’s not enough, there is a spot for you to attach your baby’s loose toys! There’s even a space for snacks and drinks.

Another awesome thing about it is, once the baby gets too big, you can remove the seat and keep the base as a stable play table, and not have to buy a separate toy. I would highly recommend to anyone considering this baby play center.

In conclusion

When it comes to choosing an excersaucer for your baby, you can quickly get overwhelmed with choices. When weighing the options for an ‘exercise’ toy, you will find yourself evaluating lots of different aspects when compared to traditional toys.

Obviously, safety is first and foremost. But what about portability, reliability, costs, etc.… Most of the time, this is the first time your child will be playing independently in a free-standing “toy.” You’ll quickly realize that you have some new rules to follow.

With that said, one thing you can anticipate is trying to get the best value for your dollar. This goes in line with almost any toy purchase. As parents, we always want to buy the best possible.