Things you do to Make Your Baby Laugh

The sheer ridiculousness of what you’ll do to make your baby laugh confirms it. Parents love to hear the chortles of delight from their babes! Millions of views on YouTube of the laughing baby don’t lie! It’s one of the most popular videos around!

What strikes up a belly laugh in your little one? What tickles your tot? We’ve asked our members to share their tried and true tricks that leave their babies giggling with glee.

From silly games to things you’d never thought make your baby laugh, our members shared their favorites. Browse through the anecdotes and see if any of those seem familiar!

Anything Anticipated

“Peek-a-boo! While dad and I might become weary of this game, I swear my little one could continue for days on end and still respond with laughter. He likes it all the more if his toys play along! Teddy is an especially skilled participant!” ~Faith

“One day I sneezed and my daughter started laughing. Then I pretended to sneeze, ‘Ah, ah, achoo!’ and she started again. The longer the lead-up to the sneeze, the louder the laugh.” ~Shyla

The Unexpected

“My 10-month-old thinks it’s the funniest ever if you actually eat something he offers you — especially with smacks and nums.” ~Jen

“Anything that I put on my head, especially if it’s not actually a hat is enough to make him fall on the floor laughing.” ~Nancy

“My nine-month-old daughter’s favorite game in the whole world right now is peek-a-boo. I’ll say a random word instead of boo

    • peek-a-banana!
    • peek-a-elephant!

She laughs so hard she tips over.” ~Amy

“Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere! My daughter remains absolutely delighted when we blow bubbles near her. She excitedly grabs at them, becoming initially startled and then just roaring with giggles when they go ‘POP!'” ~Shannon

Crawl, Chase, Fetch, and Roll

“My son gets a kick out of dropping (or tossing) a variety of things…toys, pacifier, food…only then to demand it be picked up and returned to him. He ‘plays’ this tirelessly (can’t say the same for mom or his siblings!) and laughs like no tomorrow when we follow through. Perhaps he has a career path ahead of being a supervisor.” ~Kim

“My daughter loves when I crawl after her and chase. It’s even funnier if I “bark” at her. She giggles and squeals.” ~Jasmine

“My son giggles uncontrollably whenever we roll a ball back and forth. And if said ball misses its target, he will laugh even harder! The farther the ball goes the harder he laughs!” ~Jodi

Touch and Tickle

“Something that captures my baby’s laugh box is tapping into her sense of touch. Squishing oatmeal or mud in her fingers sends her pealing chuckles. Bonus snorts if she gets some on ME!” ~Melissa

“The big hit all the time is “Baby is soooooo (lift her hands up) big!” (Bring her hands down and tickle her belly)” ~Mary
What’s guaranteed to reduce your baby to squeals and giggles? Tell us in the comments!