Insights About Modern Baby Names

We parents want names that sound trendy and fit into today’s time here is our insights and name suggestions of modern baby names that have yet to take over playgrounds around the U.S.

Newlywed couples are always excited when a new member of the family is nearly coming, a lot of preparation is made, all of the family members are excited, praying and hoping for the safe delivery, and most especially, the baby name to be given is being prepared a month advance before the arrival of the cute little angel.

Baby names concept

Baby-names came from different concepts depending on the nature where it came from and how does it want to be used. If we will look back during the first generations, the names of the babies came from the calendar, some are from the Greek mythology, and some are from the bible because they believed that time that each date has a corresponding name, some are also from the historian or the great known personalities, because the parents want their babies to carry the luck and hoping that their babies will also have the same fate like them, that is why they give their babies to their babies, but of course as the years goes by, this pattern started to fade and the tradition of giving names varies and differs also because of the influence of each country, each traditions and the independence each individual had on giving baby names with their babies.

Modern Baby names

Baby names today are more modern and more unique, the usual pattern is gone and a new style is introduced, especially on this day’s generation that the parents are getting younger and younger each year. Baby names now a day usually came from the given name by the biological parents, sometimes it came from the combined names of the parents, or they will just follow the real name of the parent and make them their junior, while in some instance the grandparents also suggest some cute names of the babies that they wanted their grandchildren to have. Other couples get the name of their babies from the gift given during the baby shower, or if a special person did a very important favor, they will follow the name of the person as a credit to them. While some parents get their baby names in some special event that they have during their early years of being together, or during the time when they were just in the stage of getting to know each other. But there are still some couples that are pushing through with the old style and give their babies a name that came from the calendar, from the bible or a credit to their mentor.

Captivating Modern Baby Names for boys:

(Our favorite, in no particular order)
Exton, Lennox, Azriel, Barret, Bennet, Zayden, Renzo, Orly, Zephyr, Bellamy, Aiden, Madden, Gavin, Gunner, Dracon, Cash, Blake, Arrow, Maddox, Axxton, Colt, Clive, Dash, Deacon, Easton, Vanson, Moxon, Kaze, Kyrone, Oaklee, Rhys, Steel, Tripp, Vaan, Woodrow, Xander, Zane, Aspen, Zen

Appealing Modern Baby Names for Girls:

(Sorry about not putting them in alphabetical order)
Bailee, Chamberlee, Braelyn, Alaine, Isobel, Emmary, Aspen, Haven, Gracie, Ashtyn, Eisley, Pixie, Monroe, Solaris, River, Shailee, Madigan, Brylee, Zanda, Ellodie, Freesia, Brees, Aidan, Aynzlee, Camdyn, Clover, Camrie, Chi, Wren, Lake, Evie

There are a lot of ways and pattern to make to have a cute and unique name for your baby, we just have to be creative sometimes and imaginative in giving names to the new member of the family. Baby names are essential and exciting parts of being a parent because this is what the baby will carry throughout their lives and this is how you will be remembered as a parent especially if they got the unique and cute name.