Coping with a Colic Baby

All babies cry. Most babies cry a lot. Some babies are more easily comforted; others can routinely work themselves into frenzy. A Colic baby frequently cries, intensely and longer than usual, fussiness in a totally healthy baby. Of course, it sends your heart racing. That’s Mother Nature’s way of ensuring that the human race survives. …

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Baby Food Organic or Not

Is organic baby food better for your little one? Feeding your baby organic baby food can limit his or her exposure to artificial fertilizers and pesticides. However, research doesn’t imply that organic food gives significant nutritional benefits. Did you know that by weight, your baby will eat more, drink more, and even breathe more air …

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Bathing with Your Baby

Bathing with a baby is a whole different ball game from sudsing up solo. Some things to keep in mind: Tradition insists that babies love water. A fussy baby transforms into a calm, happy, sleepy wee one after a nice, warm bath. Your baby disagrees. Vehemently! Whines begin with the first drop of water replaced …

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