Bikini Onesies for Babies -- In Style or Inappropriate? 2

Bikini Onesies for Babies — In Style or Inappropriate?

The bikini onesies for babies are being sold by at least one Mississippi department store. Needless to say, some parents are outraged.

In the Spotlight: Bikini Onesies for Babies — Outrageous or Out of Line?

Bikini Onesies for Babies -- In Style or Inappropriate? 3

Nothing says innocence like a baby girl in a sexy bikini. Wait, that only happens on “Toddlers and Tiaras,” right? Well, not quite.

It seems that a baby clothing company, Bon Bebe has come out with a onesie for baby girls which features the shapely, bikini-clad figure of a grown woman.

“I feel it’s very inappropriate for an 18-month-old girl,” one parent told a local news station Another called putting a newborn in such a sexy outfit “ridiculous.”

But at least one mom, Jeannie Stanley, said she thought people were overreacting, adding, “I just don’t take offense to that at all.”

While the concept may have started out as cute, the end result surely appears to sexualize our little ones. The manufacturer’s website states: “Even we get tired of pink bunnies and teddy bears. It’s fun to take baby fashion to the next level and dress our little ones up in edgier attire that screams, ‘We’re not your average boring parents! We’re fun and we haven’t lost our cool factor just because we’re covered in drool and smell like Butt Paste!'”

However, this onesie may have skipped cool and gone straight to trashy.

What do you think about this controversy? Is the onesie inappropriate or is it much ado about nothing?