Latest Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes Ideas

Get ready for this year’s Halloween event. We got some awesome baby Halloween costumes ideas that are So Cutesy, It’s Scary.

It’s almost ghost, ghoul and pretty princess time again! It used to be the amount of candy accumulated was the most important. Now, it’s all about having the biggest and best in costume.

If you have a toddler or preschooler, they probably already informed you which costume they’d wear and emphatically let you know which was not acceptable.

But having a baby is so much more accommodating and fun! Your little spook or spook-to-be will probably be happy in any costume that floats your boat.

Latest baby Halloween costumes

Swaddle baby options

Sozo made the gorgeous print swaddle blankets with hats to match extremely popular. They have a wide range of sweet things to choose from. Any could make a great costume for your wee babe.

Many you can easily replicate at home. If you’re feeling creative, take your imagination to the craft store and check out the possibilities for your baby.

Do you want to dress mom and baby alike? You can dress like a flower and a baby can be a bumblebee. Just transform a yellow swaddle blanket into a bee costume with the addition of a few black stripes. Add antennae to a yellow infant hat.

Just about anything is possible when a swaddle blanket and an infant hat are involved. You can easily turn your baby into a sock monkey, puppy, ladybug or even a yummy banana!


Me and babe

Baby’s coming along on Halloween, so you’re planning a mommy and my costume. Break out the bibbed overalls and put your hair in braids. Dress your baby up as a garden gnome, right out of “Gnomeo and Juliet!”

As long as you have the braids in mind, how about dressing up like Dorothy and making or buying a “Toto” costume for your sidekick.

Dress up as an organ grinder with a cute little monkey riding along. Top brown sweat pants and sweatshirt or sleeper with a red vest and fez-like cap to turn your little monkey into a, well, little monkey.

If you’re breastfeeding make sure that if you have easy access to feed your hungry baby. Not many purchased costumes are breastfeeding friendly. See how you can adapt your costume so you won’t have to cut your evening short.

Jammies and your imagination

You’ve seen those animal hats? Match one to a sleeper and you’ve got an instant costume. If you happened to choose a piggy hat, dress your baby in pink jammies and snuggle in a blanket for the sweetest little piggy-in-a-blanket, ever!
Make a pea in a pod by adding foam balls (green of course) to the front of a green gown. Add a baby hat and viola! — a perfectly scrumptious pea in the pod!

Car seat costumes

Don’t forget to dress up that stroller or car seat. Make that stroller look like a race car or hang some glow-in-the-dark ghosts or skeletons on it. That adds visibility as well as cuteness factor while you trick or treat.

The stroller costumes help when it’s cold out. If you don’t want to get baby out in the weather, use covers that only show baby’s head, or a blanket with a hole cut out for her head. Cut and attach felt shaped like a doggie, cat or cow. Velcro on floppy ears. Your baby’s face can be the animal’s face.

There are so many options out there to make Halloween with your baby just as special as it is for the bigger kids. So, whether you go the bought in the store route or made by momma it is sure to be an adventure!

Have you decided on a costume for your baby? We’d love to have you share your idea and a picture!